Family Guide

Lake Country Homeschool is a bible based community with the desire for Christ minded families to have support in home based instruction.  We desire to grow with you to encourage one another to live out the Gospel in our children's lives.  

Through the vision of this ministry we have loved the opportunity to provide party days and events that surround holidays which create fun and excitement in children.  Some of the party days we incorporate are Treat Street, Disguise the Turkey, Pajama Party, Valentines Party and a specialized Easter Party.  

Our classes are centered on truth according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We believe as parents, we have a significant opportunity and privilege to train and equip our children according to the Word of God.  
"Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for a sign upon your hand, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes.  And ye shall teach them your children, speaking of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.  Deuteronomy 11: 18-19

Lake Country Homeschool is a resource to you on your homeschool journey.  We are providing tutor groups with students of the same age group.  This is not a private school.  You are responsible, and in charge of your child’s education.  You understand the WA homeschool laws and you are the parent/legal guardian for the child(ren) you enroll into Lake Country Homeschool.  

You agree to remain on campus during the time your child is in a class.  You may remain in your car, or inside our facility.  

In the event of a parent illness or emergency, you may fill out a Parent Sub Form for another Parent to hold full responsibility of your child while at Lake Country Homeschool.  In the event that this happens, please email the director ASAP.  

Please remain in the designated areas for Lake Country Homeschool.  Lake Country Preschool also operates on this campus, in addition to our office staff.  They will report any suspicious activity or any persons who are not permitted.  There will be no access to the backside of our property (including playground equipment).  Bathrooms are available in our office building.  
This will be strictly enforced to maintain safety for all ministries of Lake Country Baptist Church.

The common area, used for parents and siblings during class periods is a designated quiet zone (think library voices).  We want to allow parents and children a space to continue to homeschool.  Please use outside space for activities and games that are active.  

Please have your children whom are not in a classroom, to be respectful of the property to Lake Country Baptist Church.  There will be  no using supplies belonging to the church.  All rocks/pebbles must remain on the ground (no throwing/kicking or spreading around).

NO dogs or pets are permitted on the property (inside or outside).
We are asking ONLY the scheduled facilitators be in the classroom, in addition to the teacher, during any class period.  Special permissions are available when previously discussed with the teacher.

While students are in the classroom, we will have a sectioned off area in our sanctuary for parents and siblings.  There will be a few limited toys available for them during this time.  The toys MUST remain in the toy area.  NO PERSONS are allowed to use the stage area, for any reason.  Please help us by keeping children off the stage.  
Snow Days:
Snow days will follow the Lake Stevens School District.  2 hour Delay will also cancel school.  You will also be emailed.  
Please only park in the front section of our parking lot, or along the west side.  The back section is used for a different ministry happening at the same time.   
Most communication from Lake Country Homeschool will be in the form of direct email.  Please be sure to use an updated email address when registering.  
It is vital to Lake Country Homeschool that every parent and family play a role in helping to keep this program running.  If you are absent or need to be gone for your job, it is up to you to find a replacement.  Jobs/Roles can range from a teacher/asst. teacher, set up or take down rooms, take out garbage etc. Jobs will be assigned (and you will have the ability to state a preference) prior to the first day of school.
All persons interacting with children in classrooms will have to pass a background check.  

All parents on property must wear a name lanyard (provided by Lake Country Homeschool) granting them permission to be on the property.  Since this is a ministry of the church, there may be unknown adults at any given time.  Lanyards will safely and easily identify who is affiliated with our homeschool program.
Registration fee covers our church’s and administrative expenses.  Supply fees cover the cost of curriculum/materials required for classes.  Monthly fees are paid to the teacher/director.  Fees are based off 34 weeks of teacher instruction despite of how many weeks/month.

Fees are due on the first Tuesday/Wednesday of each month.  A late fee of $25 will occur after the 15th of the month.  
Payments can be made by check (payable to Lake Country Baptist Church), cash (we will provide a receipt) or online through your registration link.
Tuition may be paid directly to your child's teacher.  Please do not have your child deliver payment to your teacher.

There are no refunds or reimbursements.  Fees of any kind (registration fee, supply fees and class fees) are non-refundable.
No refunds or reimbursements for expected or unexpected shut downs.
Illness and COVID Response:
Students must be free from fevers, green discharge, cough, running nose, or ANY flu like symptoms for 24 hours before attending a class.  We understand coughs can last weeks.  Please use parental discretion and avoid bringing an actively sick child to our facility.

We ask that you, the parent, be mindful of fevers and or illnesses prior to attending classes.  Students must wash their hands with soap and water prior to entering the classroom.  Temperatures screening may take place on the wrist if necessary.

It is a high priority to keep the classroom clean and disinfected between age groups.  The Teacher Assistant will have the responsibility of cleaning each table and chair immediately upon a class ending.  We will also have diffusers running to help purify the indoor air.  

We believe parents have authority over their children and encourage families to construct personal decisions related to masks.  Masks are optional.

All families MUST sign our COVID Waiver Form in order to participate in Lake Country Homeschool
In the event of a fire, students and all persons will be evacuated to the furtherest southwest portion of the property.  Students in class will be directed by the teacher/assistant teacher.  All other individuals will need to be responsible for themselves.  

In the event of a lockdown, we will lock the classroom doors as soon as we are made aware.  Both the director and the staff members for Lake Country Baptist Church will be in communication.  

In the event of an earth quake, the teachers will direct all students to climb under their desk and hold on.