Spring BIble Studies

2 Timothy 3:16 — All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable 
for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness...

Understand more. Live Better.

Discipleship is a life long journey of studying and applying God’s Word to our lives. Our purpose at Lake Country is to make disciples through the power of the Gospel and we believe a big part of that is through Biblical education.  It is our desire to have a focused approach to our Biblical education, making  sure that purposeful growth is taking place in the lives of God’s people.  Join us as we go on this journey together.

Spring Quarter 2021 Schedule

Spring Bible Studies will meet on Wednesdays at 7pm beginning April 14th, 2021. 


Led Lance Massingale (Men) & Kerri Russell (Women)

The book of Matthew paints a powerful portrait of Jesus as Israel’s long-awaited Messiah, the one who would bring God’s kingdom to earth and fulfill his promises to his people.  Leading readers through this hope-filled book, this guide explains the biblical text with clarity and passion―inviting us to encounter God’s one and only Son: Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.


Over the course of 12 weeks, this study will explore the book of Genesis and:
  • Ask thoughtful questions
  • Show how each passage unveils the gospel
  • Tie the text in with the whole story of scripture
  • Illuminate the doctrines taught in each passage
  • Discover practical implications
  • Help us better understand and apply God's Word
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Visual Theology 

Led by Pastor Micah (Men & Women)

We live in a visual culture. Today, people increasingly rely upon visuals to help them understand new and difficult concepts. The rise and stunning popularity of the Internet infographic has given us a new way in which to convey data, concepts and ideas.  But the visual portrayal of truth is not a novel idea. Indeed, God himself used visuals to teach truth to his people. The tabernacle of the Old Testament was a visual representation of man’s distance from God and God’s condescension to his people. Each part of the tabernacle was meant to display something of man’s treason against God and God’s kind response. Likewise, the sacraments of the New Testament are visual representations of man’s sin and God’s response. Even the cross was both reality and a visual demonstration.


  • Visual Theology  by Tim Challies and Josh Byers
  • A copy of the Visual Theology study-guide

Ladies Inductive Bible Study

Led by Kathy Weeks (Ladies Only)

This class will be implementing the inductive Bible study method (observe, interpret, apply) using the guidance of a workbook that has suggestions of activities to guide us through Psalm 119.   Learn skills that can be applied to any action of scripture.

What is inductive Bible Study?

Discover insights, practical wisdom, and deep truths that will strengthen your walk and relationship with Jesus Christ. Psalm 119 is the definitive chapter on the value of the Word of God and is one of those chapters of the Bible that gets less attention than it deserves. All who desire to know the Word of God and the God of the Word benefit tremendously from this passage of scripture. From cover to cover, "Sweeter than Chocolate" invites the student to dig in, digest Psalm 119 and taste how sweet the Word of God is. Sweeter than Chocolate Bible study can help you find sweet words and real solutions from God's Book!


  • A Copy of the Sweeter Than Chocolate Work Book

The Gospel Project for Students - The Church United

Led by Tyler Storz (6-12th Grade Only)

Christ-centered, Chronological Bible Studies for Students.

The Gospel Project helps students center their lives on the gospel, replacing the desire to be “good” with the empowering transformation that comes only from Jesus Christ. These group Bible studies are designed to get as much gospel into our students’ lives as possible, helping them connect to a gospel-filled support system and equipping them for gospel conversations in their community.